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The Escher Experience Held Over in Brooklyn’s Industry City

The astonishing and thoroughly entertaining works of the brilliant artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 – 1972) are on display until March 3, held over from its original conclusion of February 3.  If the name seems unfamiliar, no doubt you’ve seen his works.  They’ve been used on postage stamps, greeting cards, comics, cartoons, and even featured on a Pink Floyd album cover.

After travelling the world and being viewed by over a million visitors, this most “important and largest exhibition of M.C. Escher ever presented,” comes to New York for its American premiere.  If one had to explain Escher’s works, they’d be described as “enigmatic sketches and paradoxical designs executed with incredible detail and mathematic precision.”  Escher believed that “everything is connected: science, nature, analytical rigor and aesthetic beauty.”

The exhibit highlights the artist’s journey that spanned almost fifty years, through a variety of approaches and techniques including woodcuts and lithographs.  On the second floor of one of the soaring and redeveloped buildings in the area known as Industry City, the exhibit also includes scientific experiments, play areas and educational resources.  A free audio accompaniment is available which provides more in-depth explanation of key works.  We hope the few examples presented here will inspire you to get to Brooklyn before the family-friendly show moves on.  Allow yourself a good amount of time to wander through the space, play with the “hands-on” exhibits, step into the illusion room, view the artist’s life story. Prepare to be amazed.

The Escher Exhibit has been held over by popular demand until March 3.  Industry City is located at the Brooklyn Waterfront, 34-34th Street, Building 6.  Visit for more details on hours and ticket information.

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