about me

Since I was little, I wrote down my thoughts.  The marble-covered notebook that you see in school was a constant companion on my night table.  It’s been my solace during the tough times, and also way to record the events of my little life.

My desire to write professionally continued as I wrote and wrote and wrote. If I’m not writing, I’m reading; an important component to someone who wants to improve their writing.

Besides my own personal writing, it’s been a thrill to help others find their own writing voice.  I’ve turned my full attention now to assisting high schoolers as they prepare to write their college admission essays.  My own experience can make their experience easier, and their brainstorming more productive.  

While the students themselves may not seek out an essay writing coach, the adults in their life may: I invite you to contact me if the student in your life is looking for a coach to get them over the hurdle of the college essay.

When I’m not working with high schoolers on their essays, I am writing stories for www.WomanAroundTown.com on my adventures around New York and around the globe.