Let Mother Nature Do Some Nurturing During These Challenging Times

They say there is no place like home, but there is something to be said about a “get-away day,” to recharge, regroup and release stress that accumulates over time.  Especially in these times. A tankful of gas, a bagel and a cup of coffee was all we needed on the drive up the Thruway/I-87 to […]

Now’s the best time to find the humor wherever we can

– Laura Pedersen’s “The Theory of Everything Else,” is a great start Take her stance on things that can hurt us: Why, she asks, when thousands are perishing as a result of assault weapons, carbon emissions, forest fires, pesticides, and processed foods, lawn darts were banned in the 1980s after two people died.      Conundrums […]

INTRASTATE Vacationing

sometimes the best new adventures are in your own backyard In an effort to be good citizens of New York State and avoid travel to Covid-risky territory, my daughter and I decided on a three-day getaway within the borders of the state we love so much.  I’d heard of the “Grand Canyon of the east” […]

An afternoon in an anarchist jurisdiction

Surely on this nice warm late September Sunday, there would be an anarchist uprising in Manhattan. The weather warm, ripe for trouble.  So, my intrepid travelling companion, daughter Emily, joined me to scout out those thumbing their nose to the rule of law.  Driving over the Brooklyn Bridge, all was quiet. But we knew by […]

Climbing The Vessel

 It’s Easier Than You Think With the pandemic keeping the crowds out of Manhattan for the time being – and I emphasize “time being” – I thought it’d be a good opportunity to visit one of the city’s newest grand achievements: The Vessel.  It’s story began on March 15, 2019 with great fanfare and ribbon […]

Escape From Zambia: One Peace Corps Volunteer’s Covid-Evacuation Journey

I’m about to finish off a pound of Ethiopian coffee which arrived along with my daughter, Emily, on March 23, 2020.  That she was in the midst of a Peace Corps evacuation, sent home with but a few days’ notice,  finally arriving at JFK, you’d think she’d be a bit flustered.  But even with a […]

Conecticut Mystic Aquarium: Weird, Wonderful, and Inspiring

The water was chilly, and swimming along the sides of the tanks were a handful of cownose stingrays.  If we placed our hand flat near the surface, the tank supervisor told us, the fish would come up for a little pet.  And, sure enough, a few did.  Their smooth surface was kind of icky, and […]